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- Express delivery 4-5 days
- High quality is approved our regular 300 buyers
- The best support and easily doing order
- When you purchase you pharmaceutical chemicals from overseas, you don’t want to have delays. Delays mean headaches. Delays mean money held up. Delays mean aggravation that you don’t need. Make payments with confidence. We guarantee every delivery.
- Trip Store Research Chemicals LLC is so confident that your shipment will get to you and get to you on time, that we will ship it again-free of charge-if it gets lost or is delayed for too long.
Parcel delivery

You receive the package after payment within 3-5 days, if the package has not reached you, we will send it again.

Customer support

Our managers work around the clock. You can find out any information.

New and old customers
New client-principal client, Hello!
    Thank you for taking the time to read our offer of cooperation.
My name is Kang Wei, I Sales Manager not young company in the market of designer drugs. We do not sell products of questionable quality. And will never do that! The quality of our products exclusively! It does not matter, you order sample for test or a large shipment, we send only high quality products! These are not empty words. 
Many clients have already seen our advantage. And if you are in doubt, we can give them contacts for you. 

But the best way to make it become a member of our program and get a test sample. If you do not get happiness we will refund your money!
In this business, there is a big problem created by scammers. Lack of trust, and not the right idea in the real price of products. Too many fake web site in China, which understate the price of food, using it as bait.
REMEMBER, cheaper sell only scammers! don't to GIFT them your money.

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Please note. If you do not find any product you are interested, write me the name of the product that you need. We will be able to synthesize this product is for you.


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About Us

Trip Store Research Chemicals LLC is the leader in pharmaceutical grade designer drugs, legal powders, research chemicals.
That’s because we don’t just sell them, we manufacture them. Since 2012, we have operated a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in China. We also run a fully-staffed research and development laboratory where all of our products are created and re-tested to insure purity.
Guarantee delivery in the coutry
United States of America
United KingdomNorth and South America
New Zealand
Strong, Meaningful Relations on a Global Level

Our company has taken pains to establish relations properly with governments and trade commission’s so that every shipment is in compliance with regulations. Doing this doesn’t just benefit us, it benefits you.